Huge News!

So this happened…I will be included in the 2019 Walter Day’s Superstars of 2019 Video Game and Pinball Trading Card set for my work on The Minds Behind the Games as well as my work on The Padre and not to mention 15 years of video game journalism for ReviewFix, NBC, Examiner and Old School Gamer Magazine.

Man, I can’t describe how I’m feeling right now. My heroes and icons in the industry have cards in this collection, David Crane, Garry Kitchen, David Palmer, Perry RodgersLeonard Herman and so many more- to be featured is a huge honor.

A special thank you to Brett Weiss, a man who took a chance on me three years ago and has always had my back since.

I’d also like to thank people like Ryan Burger who has given me a platform to contribute work to for the past two years in Old School Gamer and the countless developers who have allowed me to tell their stories. Without you guys, there is no book series and barely any articles. There are literally too many to name, but especially those who have really opened up their worlds to me, Tony Barnes, Michael Brook, Eric HolmesDavid DienstbierSanders KeelDave WishnowskiBenjamin JohnsonMark Flitman Howard Scott Warshaw, Michael Mendheim and again, so many more.